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Miro’s apps and integrations help you stay in sync from idea through execution. Our online collaborative whiteboard connects the work that lives in other tools, in one place.
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Design tools
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Bring designs and visuals onto a single canvas, where you can share them alongside research, journey maps, and wireframes to create a more collaborative design process.
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Sketch integration
Import tasks into Miro where you can discuss, prioritize, and visualize them in real-time during distributed sprint planning, retrospectives, roadmapping, and more.
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Integration Jira
Connect Miro to your communication tools to create faster feedback cycles with instant notifications and access to
boards whenever you need.
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Integration Slack
Add files to boards where they can be easily accessed during brainstorms, organized visually, and live alongside the rest of your project artifacts.
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Integration Google Drive
Use your preferred identity provider to easily provide users
with secure sign-on access to Miro.
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Integration Okta

Automate workflows with Zapier

Connect with a wide variety of tools using Zapier to
automate specific team workflows and import relevant
content and data to Miro.
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MS Exel

Access Miro boards at anytime with Live Embed

Miro Live Embed extends the power of Miro to the apps
you rely on every day, so you can create, share, and edit live boards directly in your team's preferred collaboration tools.
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Document collaboration
Task tracking
Team communication
Video conferencing
Live embed Coda
Live embed Jira
Live embed MS Teams
Live embed Whereby

Build custom solutions to
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Build private apps that support your workflows, integrate proprietary systems, customize board tools, automate user administration, and more using our Enterprise APIs.
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