Blossom is a new collaborative tool for user researchers who require a remote-first approach when conducting user interviews and sharing key findings with their team and stakeholders.

This app enables you to share your user research from Blossom directly within Miro boards as playable video snippets.

Key Features:

  • Share your user research findings directly as playable videos in Miro boards.

Installation and user guide:

  • Sign up for Blossom at here.
  • Install the Blossom app from the Miro marketplace.
  • Open the Blossom app in Miro and drag and drop your highlight reels or user research video snippets onto any Miro board.

How to enable:

  • Click on the three dots at the bottom of the Miro main toolbar and drag the Blossom icon from 'More apps' to access it quickly.
  • Once enabled, the Blossom and Miro integrations will show you the video snippets and highlight reels that are associated with the currently logged in Blossom account.
  • To logout of the Blossom app in Miro, visit and sign out of your account.


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